Invest in messaging that converts.
Invest in messaging
that converts.
Think back to the last time you Googled something.

You probably clicked on the first non-paid search result — a blog post defining the term you searched. Besides the definition, the article included useful information related to the topic, and slowly, you began to feel like an educated expert.

Only at the very end of the article did you realize it was a soft sell for a product or service. Despite being duped, you thought, “Hmm — maybe I need that product.”

Now that’s what I call messaging. Your content should demonstrate your credibility and convince readers that your product or service is the solution to their problem.
Educate prospects and existing customers.
Educate prospects and existing customers.
This sounds silly, right? Wouldn’t you want to just get to the point and sell?

That strategy might work for some companies, but selling to businesses is an entirely different beast. In B2B sales, you aren’t just selling to one person — you’re selling to a whole set of stakeholders and their bosses.

Your customers need help explaining the value of your product to their superiors. Informative content makes for a shorter, simpler sales cycle, and establishes your company as an industry leader.
What people say about working with me
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“Trust is so important when working with freelancers, and that's the word that comes to mind when I think of Liz: trustworthy. On top of being an outstanding writer, she communicates timelines and scope clearly so you know exactly where the project stands. She just "gets things done", and the end results are fantastic! If you're looking for a go-to writer, you've found her.”
— Sarah Spagenberg, Head of Marketing at ReadMe
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“It is an absolute joy working with Liz - she is highly communicative and one of my go-to freelancers for B2B blog content on IT management and security. She does an awesome job tackling a wide range of technical topics and breaking them down into reader-friendly articles. High-quality drafts are delivered in a timely manner (often before we need them) and require little to no revisions to be ready to publish. Pro tip: HIRE HER.”
— Kelsey Kinzer, SEO Strategist at JumpCloud
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“Over the last year and a half, Elizabeth has helped us at Entidad with all aspects of developing content. She’s been a pleasure to work with and an amazing contributor. She is diligent, self-driven, approaches her work with the utmost professionalism, and goes above and beyond delivering quality work. We couldn’t be any happier and look forward to continuing to work with her.”
— Jesus Torres, CEO and Co-Founder of Entidad
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“I can honestly say that Liz is an exceptional talent. Her writing style is engaging, and she has a way of making complex technical topics feel effortless and easy to understand. She takes the time to understand the project and the audience, and she always delivers high-quality content that is tailored to meet our needs. I must also highlight Liz's adaptability and willingness to take on new projects. In a fast-paced environment like a startup, having a content writer who is flexible, responsive, and always up for a challenge is essential. If you're looking for a content writer who is talented, professional, and a pleasure to work with, look no further than Liz.”
— Rocío Carrasco-Gras, Head of Growth at Ascend
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“Liz takes the time to research any topic we throw her way, and her writing feels like it's speaking to you - even if it's about a complex topic. Liz delivers her work on time, or even early. Working with Liz makes my job easier.”
— Lisa Wallace, CEO and Co-Founder of Assemble
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“Liz is an awesome content writer with an ear of the tech industry. She was very professional and upfront about availability and timeline to ensure our project would be given her full dedication. She took the time to understand the background of the project and provide very fast results! I hope to work with her again!”
— JC Carruthers, President and Co-Founder of Snowfensive
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